Bekijk de volledige versie : just using the print server

18-09-2006, 11:53
hi all,
after not getting the asus to work probably with my sc101 i bought another router from d-link.
but - the new one does not have a print server nor a usb-port.

so what i want to do is to connect the wl500g to my d-link using a LAN cable.
then enableing the print server in the wl500g.
then the wl500g shpuld obtain an ip from the d-link and all machines connected to the d-link should now be able to access the wl500g printserver.

is that possible?
if that was not understandable please tell me so and i will try to explain in another way.

so far in tia

18-09-2006, 14:21
installed the oleg firmware
changed mode to access point
connected the printer
after approx. 1 min the printer was found.
printing the test page was succesfull.