Bekijk de volledige versie : Use an USB FDD

15-07-2004, 21:57
If you have an external USB Floppy for your laptop, you can attach it to ASUS WL-500b/g router as well. It may be useful sometimes - if you don't have any USB flash disk and you just wish to run some external programs etc. If you don't know how to use the FDD, try this:
1) connect an USB FDD unit to the router, insert a diskette
2) enter these commands using Telnet or Web command console window:
mkdir /tmp/usbfdd
mount /dev/discs/disc0/disc /tmp/usbfdd/
(if there's already some another mass storage device active --> mount /dev/discs/disc1/disc /tmp/usbfdd/ )
3) start using the /tmp/usbfdd device
ls /tmp/usbfdd/ # display the diskette contents

Note: If you wish to remove the diskette or disconnect the FDD unit from the router, do not forget to unmount the device first (otherwise you may loose a data if you performed a write operation before):
umount /tmp/usbfdd

Alternative mount commands:
mount /dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/disc /tmp/usbfdd/
( mount /dev/scsi/host1/bus0/target0/lun0/disc /tmp/usbfdd/ )