Bekijk de volledige versie : Help needed: 500gP and Microcom router

05-09-2006, 13:39
Hello, I need to setup my virtual server, (I have Icecast server installed on my machine it works on port 8000)

I have dsl router Microcom 2656 connected to dsl, and one LAN is connected to WAN port in 500gP.

The ip settings is following:
x.x.x.x is the ISP assigned IP (external Microcom) is Microcom 2656 IP is external 500gP ip is ip of my computer where is Icecast server.

I tried to setup 2 virtual servers
on Microcom:
incoming port 8000, local port 8000, local ip
on 500gP
incoming port 8000, local port 8000, local ip (wireless connection so I cannot attach my server to the microcom directly)

it does not work :-( (the normal internet is working)

I dont know how to setup that Microcom router as a bridge :-( if some1 can help me how to setup that virtual server or whatever I will be so happy :D