Bekijk de volledige versie : WL-500g Premium or WL-500g

05-09-2006, 00:12
Hi. I'am new in the world of Asus WL-500. (so please some compassion)
I've read quite some on these forums but stil have some basic questions.

-- 1 -- What is the difference between the WL-500g Deluxe en de WL-500g Premium?
I understood the premium is the follow up of the deluxe. But i mean:

- difference in specs
like: internal memory size, flash memory size, processor type, processor speed, transfer speed (lan / wlan), usb speed, etc.
or is there already a place where these differences are summed up?

- and in other stuff like:
Functionality (functions?), connections, applications, quality, etc., etc.
And everything else you want to make a remark on. Could not find these differences so clear on the forums. The asus site isn't very clear either. If it is stated somewhere, sorry about it. And could you please give me a link.

-- 2 -- Is any of these 2 models just better then the other one? (and why)
Maybe things like: does the functions really function. How many bugs? Stability. Reliabillity. Performance (usb speed, transfer speed lan / wlan). Etc.

(From the forums i conclude that the premium has quite a few "quirks". And the Deluxe doesn't? So i better buy the Deluxe from this point of view? Or has does the Premium have much better specs / positive things? Or?)

-- 3 -- What do i want to do with the Asus?
Besides router / wireless router:
In a Windows, Linux, Mac OSX network, add to the network:
- 1 usb printer
- 1 usb backup hdd
- 1 usb data hdd
- 1 usb scanner (if possible, but i think this can be done by the sane package)
and this for all 3 OS's.

So my question: from the above mentioned functions, what can be realized with onme of the Asus models (Premium, Deluxe, or maybe WL-500W ...)?

I have to add a usb hub to the Asus. But from what i found in the forums, this can be done, can't it? If so, are there any usb hub brand/types that work good or not?

A long question, i know. I hope you can help me.

Thanks a lot for your time! Erik