Bekijk de volledige versie : mtdutil and firmware upgrade from USB

04-09-2006, 20:37
Device: Asus WL-500g

I am booting from USB and I would like to upgrade the firmware of my wl-500g. Iíve read in this forum that mtdutil is the command for this but I can't run it my Asus (-sh: mtdutil: not found). Can somebody give me some light on why this happens?

According to this forum, it should be enough with:

mtdutil upgrade /dev/mtd/1 /tmp/linux.trx
Where /tmp/linux.trx is the path and file to the new firmware version.

07-09-2006, 20:31
I successfully upgraded my WL-500gx, which is booting from usb too, using the web interface.
You have to upgrade the files on the usb disk afterwards by copying them from the flash file system!

20-09-2006, 21:59
I have already tried the web interface but it hangs after a couple of seconds and then nothing works. Fortunately it is enough with a cold restart to get it to work again. If you get it to work that way it could be that I have to free up some memory first (web server, VPN server, etc.). I'll try this way and see what happens.

01-10-2006, 18:14
I have freed up memory with the same result. It seems I have to do it as you did, by upgrading first the nvram of the router and then copying the files manually into the boot partition of the external HD.