Bekijk de volledige versie : Private Tracker download problem

04-09-2006, 21:28
Hi guys,

first of all it works just great and happy with it!
and yes they should made utorrent in it or something like that so you can choose upload/download speed etc. etc. etc.
would be much better!!

now i got 1 problem i hoped someone could help here!

when i download: for example from minova (torrent portal)
i start the torrent with download mastet trough Internet Explorer than it sais
initializing a few sec later when i press the refresh button it says >> processing and it shows how much peers the wl-700ge seed how fast it downloads etc. etc.

BUT when i download from a private tracker with haskey and status that shows your : client, download/upload speed etc. etc. etc. etc.
well i download the torrent from the tracker >> load it in the download master in Internet Explorer than it says initializing >> than refresh after few sec it says processing but then i don't see any peers and on the tracker i don't see myself downloading and even when i update my stats & log in >> log out it won't show me that i'm downloading

so the router says it's ok but the tracker just doesn't ''see'' me i suppose

i hope you guys can help me!



07-09-2006, 17:21
can someone help PLEASE!