Bekijk de volledige versie : USB Speed too slow?!

04-09-2006, 17:53

I have an USB-HDD attached to my Asus WL-500gP. When i use WinSCP to transfer something to the/from the HDD i get really slow speeds, like 256Kb/s PC -> USBHDD and 512Kb/s USBHDD -> PC. Filezilla can't even transfer a file greater than few Kilobytes and PuttySFTP is also really slow too.
Altought i can transfer files via http/ftp/torrent at my max connection speed.
I'm using OpenWrt so i wanna know if it's a common problem or firmware problem (in this case is Oleg's firmware speeds good ?).

Tks in advance.

P.S.: Transfers i mean are trough wired connection.