Bekijk de volledige versie : Problem playing media with Xbox360 on uPnp of WL700gE

31-08-2006, 21:22
Hello everyone,

I was hoping to play mp3's on the WL700gE via uPNP with my Xbox360. The Xbox360 recognizes the router as a Media PC and I can select a media folder (music, video etc.) But I do not see the MP3's stored in the music folder. What am I doing wrong.

Can it be that the problem is caused by the login problem I have in the "Browse share"-section (What can I do with that section anyway?)

Kind regards, Frank.

14-07-2007, 18:32
Take the mp3 files out of there folders and dump them in the music folder on asus.

Seems a shame you can not just drop named folders into the music folder on Asus and have 360 recognise them.

So all you have in music folder are just mp3 files and no folders

16-07-2007, 01:03
Are you running the asus firmware or the custom kfurge firmware? If you are running the custom firmware you could try the new build of uShare media server (install via ipkg) instead of the asus media server to see if that helps. It is supposed to have xb360 support (PS3 too).