Bekijk de volledige versie : WAN port dies, after a year and a half

30-08-2006, 19:07
Hi All,

I seem to be suffering from the WAN port dies issue mentioned not once in this forum.

I'm using firmware version - (also tried the latest)
I'm using the firware since it came out and all worked fine, from about 4
weeks ago I started suffering from the WAN port dies issue... Mostly
when emule is working, but also when it's turned off, at a lesser rate.

Emule settings haven't changed in about 3 years now. (Nor did anything in the

I'm using a wl500g router connected to an alcatel speed touch home modem.

When I connected the modem directly to one of the PC's an ran emule for
a few hours nothing bad happened and the surfing seemed a lot faster then
with the router as well. (with the router the disconnects are between every 5 to 60 minutes more or less)

The funny thing is that the router never reboots when this happens, the WAN just dies as far as it's concerned and that's it...
I tried resetting it to factory and reloading the firmware again, and nothing helps.

It is very important to note that the exact same network worked for over a year flawlesly and nothing changed...

The router doesn't overheat as I tried to keep it in an airconditioned room
with 10c temperature (compared to 35-40 without AC) and there was no difference...

Ideas? Suggestiong on how to fix this?

I tried changing the WAN speed manually to each and every one of the
options 10half/full 100half/full and this has no affect...