Bekijk de volledige versie : WL-500G with broadband problem

13-07-2004, 22:08
Hi, please help... :confused:

I have just bougth my router for routing my broadband, and get printersupport and an external hd accesible on the network.

If i plug my broadband router(bbr) to the WAN port, it gets ip from my isp's dhcp, and gives my pc another, and i can access the asus with my.router. But the broadband ani't working. Printer is up and going, but nothing on the net works.

If i plug my bbr to any of the other ports on the asus, i can access internett and so on though the router. But then my pc gets if from my isp directly, and i am not able to access my asus because my pc and the asus is on different subnet mask.

Why ain't the broadband working when the asus i fiksing ips?

Pluss i never got into my external hd trough ftp. Nothing appeard. Is there something i have to set on my disk? How do that work? I use a emagic case with a wd disk...

Thanx for all help!!!