Bekijk de volledige versie : rerouting a domain (or something)

24-08-2006, 10:06
I have an Wl500g and wl520g linked together with airwaves, the 500g is in AP mode, and the 520g is connected to the cable modem and is the DHCP server in my network.

I am the lucky owner of a domain, xxxx.com, wich point to my WAN address and I know this thing is working since I can access my router by the use of this domain + dedicated port number (xxxx.com: portnumber ). Now, I had the idea that it should be possible to make the router able to reroute requests on port80 (http) to another domain on the internet, like for example my web page hosted at start.no. Using the NAT utility on 520g cant help me since as far as I know it only suport routing to an local IP address

The purpose of this is simple enough to have the ability to having an external webserver up and running. I could offcourse change the DNS server settings at my domain host (has the access to do this my self) so that it points to the external server, but 1.) then I cant use same domain for accessing recourses inside my local network and 2.) I dont know the IP address (required by DNS Resource type A) to the external web server since it is not my own server.

Hope you understod my question and needs, please do not hesitate to ask for mor info

Thanks in advance
Vidar (Z)