Bekijk de volledige versie : Older 802.11b 2MB clients connection trouble with 500gx

23-08-2006, 19:21

today i got some older WiFi hardware:

- PCMCIA WiFi adapter "PLANET", WAN ALPHALAN WL2000D, 2MB adapter
- external AP/Client "PLANET", WAP900, internally "Zcom WL2450", 2MB AP

all adapters works fine together vice versa .... but not with ASUS ! :mad:

The PCMCIA cards finds the ASUS in site survey mode, can connect to AP, but there is no traffic beetween them!!

One times happened, that the NB with PCMCIA get the IP from ASUS DHCP, but this was all.... just one way traffic. The situation is the same with the WL2450 in Client mode to ASUS AP ...
I cannot achive bidirectional traffic ....

Please help !!!
Where is the problem?
Some ASUS settings, or some client settings?
Some Preamble settings> how?

PS: made some investigation with different APs. Found Ovislink 5424AR and Ovislink 5420 AP where this older HW works very well ....

Thank for your help.