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18-08-2006, 14:22
I'm newbie here.
But i need to build this infrastructur. All i have is :
1. WL500gP
2. ISP with wireless connecction :
SSID : HotSpot
DHCP Enabled
HTML authtentication.
Known : IP and MAC Address.

All i need is share those "Internet connection from my ISP", so my LAN can be
access internet.
Please take alook the scheme on the "RED BOX".
1. Can you recomended what Access point to buy ? (Linksys, asus, dlink, jaht)
2. Should i choose Access point with "Router / Bridge / NAT / etc ?" :(
3. Can u tell me how to set up WL500gP in this case ?

Thanks alot..

18-08-2006, 22:45
why not use the Asus as the router that receives the signal and transports it to the clients? Is it the distance that forces you to place an extra router as primary home gateway?

18-08-2006, 22:59
well do you need the wireless function of the wl500gp for your clients?

if not then you don't need an additional accesspoint, you can setup the WL500gP to be a wireless 'client' then and it will swap it with the WAN port

19-08-2006, 16:06
Yes, Wl500gP shouldn't be remove anywhere (printer, Usb HDD). I can take the signal, not from the there. So i have to buy addition Access Point (set to client).

So it will be

ISP -> AP -> Wl500g -> Lan1,Lan2,Etc.

The Question is :
1. what kind AP should i buy ? i won't buy WL500gP series, cause it can be set as "AP client".
2. If i already buy a new AP, the RJ45 will be connect to WAN(wl500gP). so the LAN(wl500gP) will get Internet Access. Correct me if i'm wrong.

Endry Jaydy