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12-08-2006, 10:42
G'day all - I have a WL500g.Deluxe which was originally working great with my wireless, DSL connection etc. but now the wireless doesn't work at all.

I have two laptops with different wireless chipsets - one an Intel Pro 220 wlan and the other a Toshiba chipset. Both have latest drivers and work fine finding other wireless networks. In fact they both show a full 54 Mbps signal from the Asus device, but they never get an IP address via DHCP. So the problem is not the wireless clients.

I know DHCP from the Asus works because my desktop machines get their IP addresses from the Asus and they work great - routing to the 'net via my DSL connection is no problem, performance is great etc. So I assume the problem is not DHCP configuration on the Asus.

I did upgrade the Asus to 1.9.6 firmware, which may have exacerbated the problems. I re-flashed it to hoping for a more stable version but it didn't fix things.

I've also tried:

- powering off the Asus for > 10 minutes
- different radio channels: 13, 11, 10, etc.
- dropping to to 802.11b

to no avail.

Any ideas? I'm puzzled as the signal is great but it just doesn't seem to finish the DHCP/IP assignment part. The wireless/laptop just says "waiting for response from DHCP server" before timing out. And as I said, these same laptops connect to other wlans - no problem.

thanks very much in advance for any advice.

regards from copenhagen - michael

15-08-2006, 17:39

I have had to leave everything open (no WPA/WEP) to get dhcp to work over wireless (works fine when wired). Sucks, but I don't suspect there are a lot of potential bandwith leaches where I live. I'd love to have it fixed, though. I'm running Oleg's FW

Let me know if you found a solution - I have more or less given up


02-09-2006, 19:24
My asus WL 500 Deluxe worked fine. Suddenly the wireless WLAN didnīt connect.

I tried it with my laptop and PDA Dell Axim X50v.

I didnt changed anything on the settings.

I tried to fix the problem :

Power off
Oleg firmware 7b,7c,7e
Asus firmware
Factory defaults

Nothing helped.

what is it? Any idea ?

I got a good signal, but no connection

The clients try to connect, but they can not!

Hardware Problem? Damaged power supply?

02-09-2006, 19:53
after muckin' about with this ASUS router for a while, I decided to throw in the towel and dump it. Not only was it giving me fits with wireless but I also discovered that it couldn't handle the tunneling I needed into my corporate network occasionally... I thought that problem was due to my laptop/wireless, but it was the Asus.

So I moved over to a nice, boring Linksys Wireless-G and <pop> everything just works, with good coverage, tunneling, 128-bit WEP and all that stuff. Sure I don't have a little web- or ftp-server or printer hanging off of my little router, but I didn't really need those things anyway.

So my conclusion is: Nice hardware and ideas, crap firmware. I hope others have better luck here.

regards - Michael

06-09-2006, 15:56
- Check the access settings on the router for router in general and wireless connections.
- Check Radio (enable)
- DHCP=on?
- More routers on the same subnet?
Ad so on.

With a brandnew router everything is on 'default' so the (probably self inflicted) problem is easily solved...