Bekijk de volledige versie : Why only WPA+WDS support limited to

11-08-2006, 13:47
Hi, I was just wondering what it is that stops WPA+WDS working in all later firmwares? I'm running 2x wl500g's and 1x wl300g no problems, but would like the extra features of the later firmwares. Is there any possibilty of getting WPA+WDS working on

16-08-2006, 09:28

Anyone? Oleg?

Seriously there's got to be a reason why WPA-PSK+WDS is broken in later firmwares.. but I don't see why it shouldn't be fixable? I'm sure lots of people run WDS with multiple Asus APs and currently they're limited to an old firmware or WEP. What have Asus done differently in the later firmwares that could have broken this?

25-09-2006, 10:53
WDS works perfect in, also with WPA, but It seems for my setup WEP is more stable. Don't know if it's the WL138g or my second WL500g which is the problem with WPA/WDS and