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11-08-2006, 09:36
Hey guys, I'm getting a bit fed up with this router. I just keep running into problems, and I'm not even using the wireless yet.

1) When you reset the router (so turn it off and on again), it loses it's printers. You have to unassign the printer volume and then assign it again to get it to work again.

2) As a NAS it's not working correctly, from both my computers, I get a delayed Write Failed error if I extensively use the router as a network disk (for example, use a bittorrent client to download something directly to it, or copying several large files (combined about 4GB) to it) Also when copying from it, I get read errors. It seems like the connection is not so stable.

3) If I put my ADSL modem in DHCP spoofing mode and connect it to my computer, I can access the internet. If I connect the router, no more internet. (I tried supplying it with the DNS servers of my provider, but no such luck)

4) If I put the ADSL modem in bridged mode, the router is not able to create the connection, to login with my internet provider.

5) VPN doesn't work, I loose the connection after a while (1 to 10 minutes), which is why I tried dhcp spoofing and bridged mode in my modem. Now that I'm writing it all down, it seems like it could be the same problem as with the NAS workings, the network to my computers is just not stable enough.

Asus Techsupport isn't really helpful either. They either refer you to this forum or suggest you get the latest firmware, which I already have. Or say the problem is with my computer (the delayed write problem)

It's a shame, because it seems to have such potential...
So, does anyone have any suggestions?


18-08-2006, 21:04
Great, now the constant harddisk spinning made the harddrive crash. So after 1.5 months I can already return the router to the store because it's broken. I must also say, it does tend to get quite warm, with the harddisk never spinning down...