Bekijk de volledige versie : SAMBA: just one share shows up

09-08-2006, 16:44

Since more than one moth now I have problems with getting samba work fine. I first followed the macsat tutorial so the harddisk was mounted on /opt. It all worked untill I started with the samba tutorial from macsat. From then on, VSFTPD, SAMBA and telnet access didn't work anymore. Yesterday I came back from vacation, and I was thinking of a reset. So I resetted everything with the button on the back of my Asus. The harddisk is mounted back to /tmp/harddisk . Then I started with the tutorial for getting samba to work on /tmp/harddisk. Now I'm done, I rebooted the router, and then I typed in //WareHouse (that's the hostname of my asus) but I only saw one share that I made, but I made another one, but that one didn't show up. This is the same problem I had on /opt. Does somebody know how to solve this.



27-08-2006, 17:15
There are some in-depth guides on samba to be found here:
Hope that solves your problems. It may be helpful to start from scratch to undo any damage you may have already done :D