Bekijk de volledige versie : Latest version etc.?!?

08-08-2006, 19:04

Been searching all afternoon on the forum to do some work on my own WL500g.
Currently it's running the latest firmware from Asus (, and it's fine:rolleyes:
But... I obviously (like everone else here) want MORE from this little machine than just routing... so... here come the (hopefully) simple questions:

1. What IS the latest firmware built/pathed etc that anyone knows of?
2. Any patches out there for (maybe a repository somewhere)
3. A Howto doc would be nice :D

Now I do system management (and Delphi programming) but hardly any C. I do patch my own kernels for our business products, but we can all do that ;)

The most interesting things I have noticed reading a lot of threads are:
- USB Performance (very nice)
- Samba integration (does that access your USB stick?)
- SSH (oe oe oe... really want THAT)
- sum more stuff (more busybox functionality etc)...

Obviously that will get most of my attention.
Already unpacked the sources and started reading most of the docs, but I'm still having a lot of questions about how things are done (especcially if you want to add/change features)...:confused:

So... there you have it... I hope I make some sense though...:o
Thanks and cheers,