Bekijk de volledige versie : WLAN problem again?

07-08-2006, 20:28
My WL-500g is set as HomeGateway. Connection from my ISP is connected to WAN port, my notebook is connected via Wireless (see the "picture")

ISP (Internet through NAT)
SWI ------- |My Desktop Computer (|
TCH ------- |( WL-500G (| <-------> |Notebook (|

When I try to copy (using windows sharing) some files from my Desktop to my notebook, after a couple of seconds the speed drop from 2MB/s to 80-200kB/s (ping still under 10ms!). I am using latest Oleg's firmware and also I've attached heatsinks to my WL-500g (main Broadcom chip + 2 "networking" chips). After canceling of copy process, I can see high ping (600 - 3000 ms) when pinging My desktop computer. At the same time, ping to both IPs of ASUS are max. 3ms. After restarting of copy process, the speed is still slow (100-200kB/s), but the ping dramaticaly drop from 400+ back under 10ms! Cancel again = again HIGH PING to My Desktop, restarting copying again = LOW PING + LOW SPEED. Restarting of WL-500g works so speed + ping return to normal...until I try to copy some big file again (after a few seconds / minutes of copying) :(

08-08-2006, 07:16
problem solved, hands faster than brain :D - found solution in sticky (set WAN to 100fullduplex instead od AutoNegotiation) :p