Bekijk de volledige versie : USB port power control

02-08-2006, 13:23
Is anyone aware of a program that is cabable of controlling the 5V power of an USB port on wl500g? I would like to use it to switch an external relay.

03-08-2006, 06:21
Erm...I'm not sure if this firmware's kernel is capable of loading and unloading modules, but perhaps if you compiled the USB subsystem as a module, you could get it to turn on and off by loading and unloading it. In any case, it's highly unlikely that that would set the power rail of the USB port to ground; as far as I'm concerned, power in the USB ports is hardwired to the PSU, which means it cannot be controlled by software. I'm might be talking my ass off here, so you might want to check the datasheet for the USB controller (VIA6212), or follow the power line in the PCB, or just try by loading and unloading the modules for the USB subsystem...

Good luck.

[EDIT] You might be better off by just using the parallel or the serial ports (if there are any in your router).