Bekijk de volledige versie : Out of memory with samba (Running version)

01-08-2006, 21:36
Wl500gP is working as a gateway for printer and USB-disk. I configured samba to enable an 160GB-disk to work. Works fine, big files etc.
Sometimes when I upload a lot of files from a fast machine samba dies and in the logfile I get the following msg
Aug 1 20:49:13 kernel: Out of Memory: Killed process 95 (portmap).
Aug 1 20:49:19 kernel: Out of Memory: Killed process 123 (smbd).
Aug 1 20:49:25 kernel: Out of Memory: Killed process 113 (sh).
Aug 1 20:49:44 nmbd[121]: [2006/08/01 20:49:44, 0] nmbd/nmbd.c:sig_term(65)
Aug 1 20:49:44 nmbd[121]: Got SIGTERM: going down...
Aug 1 20:49:44 kernel: Out of Memory: Killed process 121 (nmbd).

I need to restart the device using the browser (works ok).

Any clue's?

01-08-2006, 22:52
I have no solution to this, but this also happens using the latest ASUS firmware. I have a Maxtor 300GB disk on my usb-port and when I try to copy a few GB to the disk, at some point it will fail and I have to restart the wl500gP . So, I guess it's not the Oleg firmware causing your problem.

By the way, the performance of this configuration is not optimal. I get max 2MB/s copying files to and from this HDD, about 25% of the performance I get when I connect the drive to an usb port on a PC. Any tricks anyone?

02-08-2006, 03:37
you have to add a swap. it will solve your problem

02-08-2006, 10:53

~2MB/s seems to be the maximum, I have the same problem here and read somewhere, that this is probably due to insufficient processor power... It's really sad because it's usefless to have USB 2.0 when you can get only USB 1.1 speed :(

02-08-2006, 12:02
Thanks for your reply

you have to add a swap. it will solve your problem

I have a USB-stick and a 160GB NTFS harddisk connected to the device. I like the usb-stick to work as a swap-disk but in the df-command it does not show any swap-disk.

Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/root 2944 2944 0 100% /
/dev/discs/disc0/part1 248568 88016 160552 35% /tmp/harddisk
/dev/discs/disc1/part5 156234080 104064192 52169888 67% /tmp/harddisk/part1

Another strange thing. It works fine while copying from windows. (files are written and can be read) but when I copy files from my linux-server (same share etc.) the files are deleted (0-bytes).
Looks like a hale ntfs-support here?

Any help is welcome