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31-07-2006, 13:44

This is quite surreal.....

Such a good product - such poor manual, instructions etc.

Got myself another WL700gE after the first one crashed after firmware update. I tried everything listed in the forum. But somehow it was impossible to ping the router even after resetting.

So now. I run the firmware update again (1041 to 1042) with only my ethernet connection active - from the browser. I touch nothing for 25 min after clicking OK to the process. More or less the same happens. I get a blank browser page. This time I don't try to restart my computer and router. I try to ping the router from cmd and this time it still replies. WAUW - I'm such a lucksack....

Now I try to get into the router browser setup again. The welcome menu is without graphics and looks like a homepage that pops up with time out issues. I get into the configuration still and it apparently looks normal. However, none of the submenus respond and I time out. I try again - still no luck. Restart computer - same thing.

I am still in contact with my router and I can access the internet. Running a speed test my speed is now significantly reduced.

There is no firmware file on the installation disc to use for restoration. I try to update again with the 1042.nas file - nothing happens in the cmd-prompt popping up.

I then see some links in the forum with a gpl 1042 something......

And an explanation although very thourough, I understand nothing of. Can someone tell me what this is? Can I run the file on my XP system or is this some linux only file. What is this thing?

Frustrations frustrations........

Try to install the 1041 firmware that I just found on the forum...... hopes this works.

I appreciate ANY comments. I thought I was quite knowledgable about networking, but this......

Kind regards,


The problem has been solved. Restarting the computer and then turning off the router for 10+ sec. before turning power on again. Seems to make the new firmware ( update work. However, manual or setup page does not mention much about going to blank screen and how to move on from here....

24-08-2006, 22:00
shut off your router. push the reset button for 10 seconds. after some minutes the routers turns on. Follow the ezsetup software procedure again....

i had exact the same problems. After a reset everything worked again incl the latest firmware

25-08-2006, 18:12
I had the same problem with my Web browser having a blank page. I must say at this stage I was really scared :eek:
Then I tried to do a refresh of the browser. Luckily it worked and I could see a progression bar appearing on the screen... and the firmware upgrade worked perfectly fine. :D

06-09-2006, 11:39
I've written a little how-to guide on upgrading in the "WL-700g Tutorials" subforum.

Would appreciate if you could comment on it so, people can update their firmware with confidence.