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28-07-2006, 12:50
Hi folks,

today my wlan AP has passed away and I am thinking about consolidating the rest of my network device to one single device. The requirments are:
- WLAN AP (at least WEP Encryption and hidden SSID and MAC verification)
- FTP Server (there is a thread mentioning problems with the FTP server transfering files > 2GB is it true or is there a work atound?)
- at least 4 Ethernet interfaces
- possibility to connect other USB devices (I don't like to mount the device every time I start the computer, because backup job should run automatically - do I need to do that with 700ge?)
- Firewall

Can you recommand the 700ge for these purposes?

thanks in advance


28-07-2006, 22:07
Hi Torsten!

I think the WL700 is exactly what you need, it meets all of your requirements:

WLAN=Yes (WEP=Yes, HideSSID=Yes, MAC Access Control=Yes)
FTP-Server=Yes (There is no 2GB limit for the FTP-Server*)
Ethernet Ports=4
Connect USB-Devices=Yes (you can connect USB-flashdrives, USB-harddisks, USB-printers and USB-webcams to your WL-700)
Firewall=Yes (+ a lot of options like: URL-filtering, custom LAN-WAN-filters)

*The 2GB-limit you mentioned concerns only the built-in downloadmanager. This tool allows you to download FTP/HTTP/Torrent-Files without a PC. Because of a bug in the firmware, the download manager is currently limited to 2GB-files. I hope Asus will fix this soon!


28-07-2006, 22:54
Hi Mike,

this helped me a lot. Are there any comparable devices on the market at this moment? Besides the haddrive what is the main advantage of WL-700ge in comparison to wl-500 Premium.

Greetings Torsten

31-07-2006, 15:30
Hello again!

The differences in hardware:

WL500 Premium = 266MHz Processor, 8MB ROM, 32MB RAM, 2x USB 2.0
WL700gE = 300MHz Prozessor, 2 MB ROM, 64MB RAM, 160GB HDD, 3x USB 2.0

The differences in software:

WL700: HTTP/FTP-Hosting, no OpenWRT (http://openwrt.org/)-support at the moment
WL500 Premium: no HTTP/FTP-Hosting, full OpenWRT (http://openwrt.org/)-support


31-07-2006, 23:38

Thanks for the short Summary. IS there really no FTP-Server included in the 500-one? Is it going to come with future firmware version?



07-08-2006, 05:59
IS there really no FTP-Server included in the 500-one? Is it going to come with future firmware version?
Dont expekt this from Asus, they need arguments to sell the higher priced stuff :).

You CAN add an ftp server to the 500g but you have to install the additional software on it with olegs firmware on your own. It works, no doupt.

P.s: My old 500g died with a damaged voltage regulator a few days ago, 2 weeks before end of guarante. Hope they fix it!