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27-07-2006, 01:37
As a lot of WL-700gE owner i was very desapointed when i see the quick start guide... and i wasn't be able to make working my FTP. :(

- I have registered a dyndns account that i configure in the asus interface.
- In "Share Management" -> "Windows Setting" i select "Workgroup Member Mode" and "User Based Share Access(UBSA)" to make accessible my ftp by internet
- In "Share Management" -> "User Management" i create some users

So when connect to my FTP with my computer, it ask me a login and password and i can connect, it work very good. :o
But when i want to connect with anoter computer by internet it doesn't work. :mad:

At the beginning i think it was the 20 and 21 ports that are blocked by the firewall so i have desactivate de firewall but the problem is already present.... :confused:
Maybe something to change in "NAT Setting" ?

I'm not an expert so i give you all my configuration in attachement... i think it will be helpful ! :p

Thanks for your help i hope we will find the solution it's very important for me i bought this product mainly for this !


27-07-2006, 08:53
Hi Jerome!

Yepp, the quick start guide is indeed very "quick".

My ftp works perfectly, the only difference I could see between our configurations is the firewall. I have enabled the firewall and set the option "Enable Web-Access from WAN" to "YES". Maybe when you disable the firewall on your WL700 it automatically disables the webaccess??

Try it with firewall on enabled!


27-07-2006, 09:06
The problem lies probably with your modem. Your modem must be configured to pass traffic on port 21 to the router IP address. It would be easiest to have all traffic redirected to the WL700gE, since you''re probably hooking up all you're computers to that. And the router is capable of blocking specific traffic too. And you'll never have to configure both modem and router then in the future if you make any changes...

Alternatively, you could try configuring your modem in bridge mode or dhcp spoofing mode, if that's possible (with the first one, the WL700gE will do the logging on to you internet provider) With DHCP spoofing, the modem still creates the connection, but after getting the connection assigns the router the same IP address the modem gets from your ISP. To the router it then looks like it's directly connected to the internet.


27-07-2006, 16:15
Hi Mike,
Thanks a lot for your interest !
I configurate my WL-700gE with the same configuration but it doesn't work any more :(
I try all the day a lot of configuration withaout success :(
Have you got an other idea ?

Hi Remco
Thanks for your reply !
You are probably right :) . The problem is probably the router of the modem and the wl-700ge configuration is good.
But the modem i have was give me by the ISP and after a lot of reseach on the web i see that it's impossible to bridge it. :mad:
My english and my network competence are limited so i don't really understand what i must change in my modem configuration to make my ftp works... :(
I give in attachement all the configuration of my modem (Sagem Fast 3302 with ISP firmware) to help you and say what i must change.
(I have turned off the firewall and the DHCP of the modem)
Thanks again

27-07-2006, 17:34
First of all, Under "Serveurs de Lan", I see that for the ftp server you've mapped port 20 on the modem to port 21 on the router. If at all possible, map port 21 to port 21 on the router.

Apart from that, I wouldn't know, see if under any NAT header you can create a mapping with either no port number of an * to have all traffic not caught by the other rules redirected to a certain ip address.

Also, there could something like a DMZ (De-Militarized Zone) or a default server

Unfortunately, I couldn't find an english manual for your modem only a french one.


27-07-2006, 22:50
I'm already under the problem, i don't seccessed to resolve it :(
It's important because i need it for my job...
Under "Servers Lan", i have this :
I don't know if it's important because i desactivate the firewall....
But what i must write in this parameter to do that you say? :
map port 21 to port 21 on the router
I must do that? (with adresse of the wl-700ge) :confused:
FTP activated TCP 21 to 21 IPlocal= ppp0

There is no DMZ in the modem :mad:
Nobody know how to solve the problem ?


27-07-2006, 23:15
Yeah, map port 21 from the modem to port 21 on the router. ftp connects on port 21, so if you ftp to you're home ip, ftp will normally connect on port 21, not 20.


28-07-2006, 12:38
Thanks for all Remco, it's working now !!!! :D

To résolve the probleme :
- I map port 21 from the modem to port 21 on the router and activate the firewall :)
- I update my DynDns with the modem interface because with the wl-700ge interface it give my local IP :confused: that's why the FTP was working only from my local network and not from internet
I hope this will help some other users ! :)

So i will try the web server now :rolleyes: and i hope i will not encountred problems.
Maybe it's not necessary to create a new post for this :
Do you know if there is something to be carefull to configure?
Do you know if we can make working a cms site like phpnuke or xoops?

Regards and sorry for my probably bad english!


28-07-2006, 13:25
Hi Jerome!

The webserver is very easy to setup. Activate "Enable foto-album" in the applications-menue to activate webaccess. Disable "Use default foto-album" if you want to use your own webcontent and not the default foto-album from Asus.

With the default foto-album disabled you have to put your own content in the folder "Photo", not in the folder "web".

I can´t help you with the CMS though! Sorry!


28-07-2006, 14:04
In theory it's possible to even take advantage of a cms, but therefore you have to compile your own firmware out of the GPL sources. You have to integrate MySQL and php.

I'm still playing with apps like a ssh-server and twonkyvision.

So CMS is only a matter of time. Let me guess two month :P

I hope our device gets support from openwrt but it also seems not too soon.

28-07-2006, 17:33
Thanks for your interest !

I have plug my flash memory (Verbatim Store n Go pro 2GB) the wl-700ge bug and now it say me that the flash memory is not formated ! It always bug when i plug the flash memory... :mad: incompatible? :confused:
Since my FTP doesn't work ! it don't accept my login and password
I "restore default" settings, update firmware and enter my configuration and it still refuse login and password !
I m surprising too because it still ask me a login and password when i configure it in "Workgroup Member Mode" "Password Based Share Access(PBSA)"
What i must do? format the hdd? :(

30-07-2006, 01:40
I progress :D , my modem and router configurations seem to be good. :rolleyes:

I create some accounts which make me possible to give an access to my friends to my FTP.
So i thought that i can reach the files of my HDD accessible with Internet Explorer for example.


I asked a friend to test but it does not manage to reach my server. :mad:
ftp://jeromv.homeftp.org | Login : test | Password :test
If you want to try ...
WL-700gE Sytem Log :
Jul 30 01:31:40 vsftpd: Sun Jul 30 01:31:40 2006 [pid 4894] CONNECT: Client "xxxx.xxx.xxx.xxx"
Jul 30 01:31:40 vsftpd: Sun Jul 30 01:31:40 2006 [pid 4893] [test] OK LOGIN: Client "xxxx.xxx.xxx.xxx"


I then tested with http://www.net2ftp.com/, it works very fine : :D
WL-700gE Sytem Log :
Jul 30 01:09:10 vsftpd: Sun Jul 30 01:09:10 2006 [pid 4639] CONNECT: Client ""
Jul 30 01:09:10 vsftpd: Sun Jul 30 01:09:10 2006 [pid 4638] [test] OK LOGIN: Client ""
Jul 30 01:09:10 Log: Handle List LIST
Jul 30 01:09:10 Log: Handle List 1 LIST
Jul 30 01:09:11 Log: Handle List 2LIST


But on the other hand if I test with http://www.g6ftpserver.com/en/ftptest it doesn't work and I obtain the following messages: :mad:

* About to connect() to jeromv.homeftp.org port 21
* Trying connected
* Connected to jeromv.homeftp.org ( port 21
< 220 Welcome to the WL700gE FTP service.

> USER test
< 331 Please specify the password.

> PASS *****
< 230 Login successful.

< 257 "/"
* Entry path is '/'

> CLNT Testing from http://www.g6ftpserver.com/ftptest from IP
< 500 Unknown command.
* QUOT command failed with 500
* Connection #0 to host jeromv.homeftp.org left intact

* Closing connection #0

WL-700gE Sytem Log :
Jul 30 01:31:40 vsftpd: Sun Jul 30 01:31:40 2006 [pid 4894] CONNECT: Client ""
Jul 30 01:31:40 vsftpd: Sun Jul 30 01:31:40 2006 [pid 4893] [test] OK LOGIN: Client ""


Can you acces your FTP whith Internet Explorer? How make my FTP accessible directly by Internet Explorer ? :(
whith ftp://jeromv.homeftp.org/
Thanks for Help

31-07-2006, 00:16
After several tests… I have an additional clue ! :)
I tested with Filezilla and the accesse to the ftp doesn't work except if I connect in active mode !!!!
There is a problem with something like the passive mode? :o
Which ports for the passive mode vsftpd (asus internal FTP) use?

01-08-2006, 12:59

I got also have the above mentioned problems with my ftp-server.

I can connect via local network on FTP:// but not thru internet.

I get past the enter user and pass, but then I get an error message. This also happens when some other than me tries.

I used to run a small ftp-setup with Quick'n Easy FTP Server 3.0 Lite which worked fine. I used the PASV (passive mode) settings with port range 1024-2000 and set up my old router with that virtual server as well.

Does the "Enable Web-Access from WAN" option mean that you add :8080 to your ftp-ip?

I have setup my WL700gE as others have described above but I still cannot connect thru internet. With or without PASV added in virtual servers.

As mentioned, maybe port-range 1024:2000 is not optimal for WL700gE.

If anyone using a static ip like me have had succes setting up and accessing their FTP-server on wl700gE I am very curious to know. What are the virtual server settings used?

Kind regards,


01-08-2006, 22:08
I don't know if somebody succeeded to make work correctly the Asus FTP with Internet Explorer… :(
Give me your configuration to compare! :rolleyes:
The option “Enable Web-Access from WAN” is not a problem. It only makes accessible your local Web site if your address starts with http://yourIP or your DNS.
If you find the solution... thanks to forward it. :)
I hope we will find a solution

03-08-2006, 13:14

I now can also access my ftp-server from www.net2ftp.com if I don't use any of the modes listed (guess that's adtive mode then?). I then have to turn off my firewall on wl700ge.

I cannot access my ftp from IE 6.0 from my own pc or from or from another pc outside my network.

If I have the firewall turned on I get an error message that I must secure that I have access to the files etc. When I turn off the firewall function I get an error message like this (translated):

An error has occured by opening the folder on the FTP-server. Make sure you have permission to open this folder.
200 Switching to ASCII mode.
227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,1,1,199,62)
425 Bad IP connecting

Each time I try I get different nummers for the last two sets 192,168,1,1,xxx,xxx. I am not familiar with this way of IP-adresses - or is this my local ip and then some ports?

If someone has a clue about my problem, please let me know.

I can't find any settings for PASV mode. Are they not necessary to make the ftp-server on wl700ge work?



07-09-2006, 20:46

I don't know how to solve the ftp problem of wl700ge.
Important to know:
Since i had/have problems connecting my modem to the router using the WAN-Interface (my ISP works with PPPoA-VC, which is obviously not supported by the WL700ge), I connected the modem to a LAN port. Internet and everyting works fine.
- I forwarded port 21 in the modem to the router
- I created a shared directory
- I selected "User Based Share Access(UBSA)"
- I created a user
- I created a dyndns account and set it up successfully
- I disabled the firewall
- I can access the ftp using the internal ip
- For some reason I cannot access it from outside, I wont even get a logon

Does any one have an idea what else I could possibly try?

Thanks already

07-09-2006, 21:13
I hope it will help you.
I succeeded to make working my ftp with this following configuration.
I desactivate the modem firewall and configured my account dyndns with the modem interface (it didn't work with the router interface which returned a local address :confused: that don't works from outside )
Now i can access it from outside with a ftp software. With internet explorer i get the logon but it don't accept it there is a probleme with the passive mode (PASV)... :mad:
Goog luke

07-09-2006, 22:19
this, is the fact that I used another ftp-Server before which passed the modem without problems.
concerning the dyndns I also tried it with the ip address. So this cannot be the problem.
The modem however does not have an firewall so there is nothing to switch off.

trying to access my ip with traceroute ends with the IP address of my ISP. Is that alright.

If you have any other hints, I surely appreciate them.

Thanks in advance


07-09-2006, 22:32
Have you already tryed with http://www.net2ftp.com/ ?
Does it work with it ?
Witch error message it give if it's not work ?

07-09-2006, 23:06

thanks for your reply. Using http://www.net2ftp.com/ does not return anything.
I found out, that if I do not forward port 21 in my modem it will ask me at least for my login, before it will give me error 530 login incorrect. Forwarding the port there will not even be a login window and it will give me a screen that it cannot reach the page.

No idea what's reason for this behaviour. Looks like as it cannot access the ftp-server of the wl700ge from outside.

Any other idea?


08-09-2006, 00:15

I finally got the modem hooked up through my WAN interface. Anyway the ftp problem persists. Maybe it wont come through the modem for some reason.

Do you have any more ideas


08-09-2006, 17:44
Hi folks,

alright I got a grip on the ftp and it works. What was the problem
- Modem ( with port forwarding of 21 to IP connected through the LAN-port (!) with the router (
- obviously the wl700gE doesnt allow accessing the FTP through a modem connected to the LAN-port

- got the modem connected to the WAN-port setting the "WAN Connection Type:" to automatic
- the router received an IP-Adress ( from the DHCP-Server of my modem - now the router has obiously two addresses: and; using the first one I can access configuration-web-interface and the ftp; using the second one will allow me only to access the ftp
- now I forwarded port 21 not to but to

Thats it. Two problems remain:
1. I cannot access my modem, if it is connected through my WAN port to wl700gE
2. I'm not certain whether the routers IP ( remains as it is. If not so i would have to adapt the the forwarding roules in my modem.

May somebody knows how to deal with that