Bekijk de volledige versie : Flash endurance

23-07-2006, 23:28

does anyone know the endurance---the total number of erase/write cycles before it dies---of the flash memory on the gP?
If I'm not mistaken, each time I save & restart, one cylce is used, isn't it?

24-07-2006, 14:49
I'm not a semiconductor-specialist, but I read read something about 50000 to 100000 writecycles. If you assume 50000 cycles you can write 10 times a day for over 13 years. I think that's more than enough. Or do you plan to use the flashmemory for other purpose?

Ciao Marc.

P.S.: If you want more exact information, you have to open your box, find the flash-IC, write down part-no and search for datasheet on manufactor homepage ;)

25-07-2006, 09:41
Thanks for your reply. I did that already, had to open my gP due to a non-working restoration mode ;) But I was too stupif to find that info in the data sheet... now I did and for everyone who is interested:

100,000 erase cycles typical per sector