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21-12-2003, 18:57
I have a standard usb-hub (without any converters or power ac, just a simple hub like you have for notebooks): USB-Printer and USB-Ftp-disk work at the same time. Someone from asus mailed me that it is only possible to use 2 usb devices at the same time on the asus wl-500b/g, including parallel printer port.

With a more sophisticated usb-device that included a hub, a serial and parallel port converter it did not work.

23-12-2003, 22:45
cool :)

i've just tried it..

added an entry in RCH forum for the usb hubs

i've managed to get 3 devices working at the same time!
1: USB Webcam (philips)
2: USB Memory Stick (PQI)
3: USB Printer (HP laserjet 2200DN)

the only thing i noticed was when using external power at the usb hub some problems SEEM to be occuring.. not sure jet.. have to test over someday