Bekijk de volledige versie : Skype Dual Phone

22-07-2006, 18:00
There is any possibility to run Skype client on this router and use a USB Skype sound device like Skype Dual Phone ?
This phone have menu option to display and call online Skype contacts so can be use without need to have access to Skype client.
I use this phone for 3 month and it's work perfect on Windows Skype client , but my main disappointment is I have to let my PC always open !
I'd like to know also if anybody managed to run Skype client on this router with any other USB sound device

11-08-2006, 14:08
Unfortunately skype is not supported.
That is because there is no console client, nor skype library, nor sources available for linux.

Skype is only available for windows, mac, linux_x86 (X-windows client only) and pocket PC.

I've considered buying a pocket pc for about 400USD equiped with WiFi and GPS to use it as skype-phone and GPS navigation -> it could be a good solution until some skype sources are available for linux.

Alternatively you can make a SIP phone from this router - there was a package named asterix (or somethink like that)