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20-07-2006, 09:15

I am using the WL-500gP with original firmware (had the same problem with and a 100GB USB drive (FAT32, one 100G partition).
Download Master can access the drive, alas works only if the WL-500gP is newly booted - after a while downloads won't start any more.

The real issue is that I cannot share the USB drive in the workgroup. When I try to share nodes in the admin tool all I see is the primary partition (part0) - when I double click on it to descend the folder tree I get no response from the router and after a while I get a message like "connection interrupted ..."
(translated from german). Similarly I see the WL-500gP in my network neighbourhood but there's no shared nodes.

- Could the problem be related to the single 100GB partition ? I read some posts suggesting that the max. supported partition size is 32GB.

- Could it be a samba related problem ? What would be a good way to edit the smb.conf file ?

Any help or suggestions on this is appreciated


24-07-2006, 13:17

I cannot solve your problem, but I have some information for you:

I am using an ext3 formatted 300GB harddisk and it is working. I had it formatted with NTFS previously, but since NTFS write support is missing, I switched to ext3. It should also work with FAT32, as far as I know, there is no such size limitation of 32GB.

01-08-2006, 10:03
Had the same problem with an ext2 usb disk (firmware
also the download master can't get connect to the disk.

Did work by me after i put the media server off and on again
then it goes to make some new maps also for the download master.

I also have problems with the ftp server so for now i put it off.

If it's on i have no rights to acces the maps on usb disk
it keeps asking voor inlog/pass also after i put in te right one

this is with setting login to first shared node.

In this mode from the internet i have acces to all the maps
with no inlog/pass at all.


04-08-2006, 00:21
I'm not able to share my harddisk! I tried all of your suggestions regarding formats and sizes but none of them worked!

When I watch my USB Status, there is nothing detected at all!

But when I take a look into the SystemLog I can see the following when attaching my usb harddrive:

Aug 4 00:12:15 USB webcam: attached

I'm using firmware with a Philips SPD5110CC (250 GB)!

I'm really hopeless now! Is it worth to give oleg's firmware a try?? Or will I get the same result?? Please help!

cdcdsr :confused: