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19-07-2006, 19:43
I just bought my ASUS WL700gE. Plugged it in, and ran the installations. Router got up and running, everything worked fine. I then checked ASUS's site for firmware updates, and found out that a patch was available (my installed vers. was The updater warns me not to hit "back" in the browser during installation. I touch nothing and after 2-3 min. my connection to the router is gone (no network can be detected). I thought it was due to the update of the software and that I would be back on in a few seconds like when I made changes in the router settings on the router homepage. Nothing happens for the next 5 min. I check the router and it has no lights except in the "Ready".

I try to restart my computer and turn off the router (power cord) and turn both on again restarting. Nothing happens, I cannot connect to the router. I have tried reseting while turning on the router and EZsetup while turning on the router. Nothing works.

If I try to ping the router ( I get the message that the request was timed out. I have tried to ping the router with auto ip-configuration for my network adapter and I have tried to ping the router with a static ip like, sub network and Gateway None of this works.

I have deactivated every card but on for network cabel and tried to upload the firmware ( Nothing happens.

The router blinks in “Ready” for every 1-2 seconds (1 sec. light – 1 sec. off). I have no other lights turned on on the router. If I pull out the power cord for 20 sec. and press EZsetup the light in “Ready” goes out. If I then press the reset button it turns on again and starts blinking like above.

I am desperate for suggestions on what I might have overlooked. I doesn’t seem like I can “destroy” the router by my actions, otherwise I might have to send the router back to the shop and try another one. I am just afraid that this won’t solve the matter.

Please help.

Kind regards,


19-07-2006, 21:16
You obvisly did something wrong with the reset procedure I described in another thread.

After giving you a static IP the powercord reset thing is a bit tricky.

Unplug it for about 10-20 seconds then press the orange button (not the reset one) as long as you put your cord in again and release it as soon as the blue ready led shines.

If you make it right you will see the orange button in front shining + some blue leds + of course the ready led. If only ready blinks you did release the ez-setup button on a wrong time.

Just try a few times...

Afterwards proceed with the firmware restore tool. That one delivered on cd.

19-07-2006, 22:39
I have tried over and over - either the "ready" lamp blinks, constantly lit or no lit. In either case no other lamps lights or blinks (which I find wierd) not during or after I release the EZsetup button at whatever timing I try. I cannot ping my router - I get request/attempt timed out also whatever timing I use or whether the ready lamps is on or off or blinks. This happens whether I have the router connected to my LAN connection (internet provider) or not. I have try everything with wireless card or with cabel via my ethernet port having deactivated the other cards respectively.

I haven't seen any light on the router in the WAN port or in the LAN port for my ethernet cable.

Other postings seems to refer that they are able to ping the router. I am not, therefore I wonder if something is "broke". But all I did was running the firmware update downloaded from ASUS homepage.

The half hour I had the WL700gE router working it was running perfectly and I was overly excited to setup the FTP and download manager etc. But I figured that I as well might update the firmware before doing any further modifications in the settings.

The first 10 min. after I lost the connection during firmware update, I was rather confident that everything would be alright eventually, since I could always reset the router and/or reinstall the software and try over again. However, it doesn't seem to be possible. Now I'm just extremely frustrated, and might end up shipping the product back to the shop and consider whether I want to give this product a new try.

A firmware update - I mean........

Very frustrated, any comments are appreciated.


20-07-2006, 00:32
hmm, it's always possible for me to get the router in that special rescue state.

Just by unplugging the power cord - waiting few seconds - pluging it in in the same time the EZ-Setup button is pressed and releasing it as soon as the ready led shines. Then the remaining leds also begin to shine.

If you couldn't get in that state you won't be able to reflash your device due to the mising connectivity.

Sry ;(

Perhaps your device has some kind of defect that even made the first flash impossible.

20-07-2006, 01:03
Seems like this guy has the exact same problem.