Bekijk de volledige versie : OpenWrt WhiteRussian RC5 and PPTP, failed create connection

17-07-2006, 14:30
i have Wl-500dx,
OpenWrt WhiteRussian RC5,
default configuration of router(WAN+LAN iface, iptables, modules and so on),
I want create from client (Win xp SP2) connection to VPN server on internet.
But connection on client failed with error 733(Authentification ok, but registering fail).
Vpn on client working well, i tested in other infrastructure.
Next piece of knowledge is , that this vpn is not working on LAN (asus).

Anybody solve this problem ?

17-07-2006, 15:45
It seems to me that you have to ask this question on the openWRT forums :)