Bekijk de volledige versie : Scanner support with SANE

16-07-2006, 00:32
A thread from 2005 discussed installing sane-backends with ipkg. I can no longer locate this package. Can someone please point me to the right place or tell me what I need to do to get scanner support with the Oleg firmware?

16-07-2006, 21:02
OK. I have re-enabled 1.0.17 sane-backends. It should appear in ipkg list soon. Post your experience here.

20-07-2006, 23:43
Thanks. It downloads and installs fine. I have a Brother DCP-7020 for which the manufacturer supplies SANE drivers. The only problem is that Brother only distributes Intel binaries for distributions like RedHat and Debian. Their driver download site makes an off-hand statement about GPL source but I cannot find any source code to download. So now I am stuck without being able to use the scanner with the WL-500g. Is there any way to wrap an Intel binary to run on a Broadcom CPU? I didn't think so.

21-07-2006, 12:07
Try drivers first on PC and figure out for which kernel they are, then look linux source code it includes support for such module! Then go to wl500g kernel sources and add misssing module, create patch and send it to Oleg and Asus.