Bekijk de volledige versie : borked wl500gP

15-07-2006, 17:30
Hi all

Got an asus wl500gP today, installed openwrt on it runs good exept some minor network stuff.
So i got to read at the developers page in how to change the network settings with the ifnames etc.
I must have made an typo somewhere because i am no longer able to get into the router..

Have tried to flash new firmware on it but pc does not find router anymore
(nic pc fixed to, router was set on

This is (about) what i have put into the nvram
nvram set dhcp_start=2
nvram set lan_ifname=br0
nvram set lan_ifnames=vlan0 eth2
nvram set wlan_ifname=eth2
nvram set wan_device=eth0
nvram set br0_ifnames=vlan0 eth2
nvram set lan_ifnames_t=vlan0 eth1
nvram set wifi_ifname=eth2

Any ideas where i went wrong ?

Also any tips in how to restore this router would be great as i am unable to do so..
The router still broadcasts the SSID and allows connection to the wireless, but does not give ip or access to anything
Same goes for the lan part...
recovery mode does not help, tftp at boot neither.. even ping -t keeps giving timeouts during the first start of the recovery boot
Tried tftp and the firmware recovery software multiple (as in many) times but still no efects

Thanks in advance

ps www.steven.cybercomm.nl/wl500gx/ small mod on a wl500g deluxe