Bekijk de volledige versie : Canon ip4200 working only a bit

14-07-2006, 12:54
I have a network here at home. My main router is a LinkSys WRT54G and I got my Asus WL-500g for range expanding and a shared printer. It works like a charm except for the printer.

I have a Canon ip4200 and installed it by the book as an LPR server. The problem now is that it works, but not properly. If I send a print command, at first it says "printer not responding". I guess it is because it takes some time to connect. Then it starts to print. And the message goes away. So no real trouble here. The real trouble starts when I try to print a bigger document, say 10 pages. After printing a few pages, it stops printing (usually halfway a page). And nothing happens anymore. Then I have to turn off the printer, cancel the print operation on the pc, remove the printer from the router by software, and finally I can turn on the printer again and start all over again.
So the troubles seem to be the connection timeout (for the first problem) and a memory problem, for storing multiple pages.

Can someone help me out?

16-07-2006, 23:20
Can nobody help me out?