Bekijk de volledige versie : Static IP not working for me (please help)

13-07-2006, 22:19
A couple of days ago I downloaded Oleg's firmware (latest at writing time) and uploaded that to my ASUS WL-500g deluxe. Everything works like a charm except for one thing. When I set up the Oleg firmware to run with static IP configuration I loose the connection to the internet. I have two routers. The Second one is supplied by my ISP and has a modem build in. So it is needed to run the two routers linked which wasn't a problem with the Asus firmware. My ISP router has IP so I set the WAN IP on Asus to; Subnet Mask same as ISP Router. And last I set the default gateway to Anyone has any experience with this kind a stuff please help. It is badly needed. Thanks

15-07-2006, 23:20
I still can't get the internet connection to work with static IP. But I changed the IP pool size from 32 to 1 in the router from my ISP. That way my Asus always gets and I can forward all ports to that address. Help is no longer needed