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10-07-2006, 07:43
Also i have managed to murder my wl-500g deluxe router.

I've been running oleg's firmware for a while now and yesterday i received my first wireless card.
When i was busing setting access with encryption suddenly the unit did not respond anymore.

I've tried going back to factory defaults but the reset button seems to be broken or something. The power led never starts blinking.
(i've tried reset when the power was on and when the power was of and then connecting the power again, all the tricks on this forum i think)

The device seems to be stuck in a shutdown loop. When you connect the power everything is fine but after 10 seconds the power led go off and on again and after 10 seconds the story repeats. (in windows:
cable disconnected - connects - disconnect - connects - disconnect)

I have read about a "pin 10 trick" (http://wl500g.info/showthread.php?t=5295) but this would offcourse require me to open the device.

The question:
What is my safer bet? (seeing that is only a 2.5 month old unit)
Send it back to the internet shop where i bought it or operating on the unit.

Do i still have warrantee with the oleg firmware in place?
How good are my chances when i open her up? (i do have some technical skills :))

10-07-2006, 09:46
Most probably your nvram is corrupted. Don't short any of the flash-rom pins, as the Deluxe bootloader offers a safer way for resetting the nvram to default.
With the router powered off, connect gpio7 to GND. Apply power and the router will reset the nvram and then restart. Remove the connection.
This works on my Deluxe; your mileage may vary.
I don't know which is the right choice for you, but if you have some "technical skills" you will open the case anyway, sooner or later. :)

10-07-2006, 09:56

thnx for the reply and very true indeed.... but this isn't my first router. (if you know what i mean ;))

10-07-2006, 13:39

Shorting the gpio7 (which was properly marked on the board :)) to ground and then powering on the unit was enough to fix it.

When i powered on the unit the power led remained off until i released the ground wire. It then just didn't automatically shut down anymore.

Had some trouble going back to an original asus firmware (sorry oleg :)) but adjusting my computer to a fixed ip seemed to do the trick.

10-07-2006, 14:06
Well done! Glad I could help.