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10-07-2006, 07:20
Hello all,

first, sorry for my english, I'll try my best .... :)

I own a wl500gp since saturday.
My laptop is an Acer TM800, with wifi card intel 2100 (speed in B, not in G).

When I try to connect my laptop to the WL500gp using wifi and without encryption security key, it works fine.

but when I enable the WEP encrytion by myself or using the asus soft, my laptop can't connect anymore, the message is the following : "the network has a limited connectivity" or something like that (because I have the message in french, not in english).

The laptop see the wifi network, but can't be authentificate .....

My firmware is the last one, I updated it yesterday.

Thank you for your help !

Best regards,


10-07-2006, 12:48
Hi Abdrx!

I can't recommend to use WEP-encryption, because it's not secure anymore. But it is possible, that your WLAN-Card (more precisely the driver of your card) does not support WPA-encryption (check this, perhaps a new driver version will help). I had the same problem and bought me a new miniPCI-card...
In general you should change your wireless connection-settings with a wired connection. If your wlan-card supports WPA, on the Asus "Wireless-Interface"-page you type in a SSID, select WPA-PSK, TKIP and generate a WPA Pre-Shared key. Remember all the rules for generating passwords (not to short, no words that stands in any dictionary, no dates, use upper and lower case, numbers and special charakters - there are generators who can do that, too). What OS do you use? I guess Windows. Here you set "Use Windows to configurate.." (I have no english Windows, so I can't tell you the exact name) and an the properties of preferred networks-box you type in the exact same configuration. That should work. If you don't have WPA encryption on your notebook there's nothing else for it but to use WEP/buy a new card... If you want to use WEP, the way is the same.
In general the trick would be to use the wired connection to the box and don't forget to restart the box after you changed anything. And use dhcp on client-side.

Ciao Marc

10-07-2006, 15:17
thanks for your advice.

My card support WEP encryption because I use it on my older D-Link.

I think I take the wrong line for the password generated.

As I remember, In the WL500, you set a passphrase. and below, you get WEP KEY.

I didn't use thoses keys, I use the passphrase.

I can't make a test now, I'll try it tonight ...

thanks again !


10-07-2006, 20:42
keep me informed...

10-07-2006, 22:20

Everything work fine now, I was wrong when using the WEP key.

I use the passphrase as the WEP Key as my old D-link was using the passphrase as the key .... Maybe It's not very understandable but I don't know how to explain it in other words ... :D

Thanks for your help !!!