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08-07-2006, 14:40

I recently asked if it's possible to run an email server on the wl500g deluxe. But Randale91 reply's with:

For security reasons and power reasons a mail server do not have to run on a router !!!!!
(or a virus scanning engine!!!!!!)
Please google for some explanation ......

These ASUS devices are designed to run as a router !!!!
(with some little extensions.....)

If you really want a mailserver put it behind the ASUS device and configure properly a port forwarding.

I strongly advice you, if you are not sure what you are doing, and it seems so, because you are asking for these features on the small ASUS device,
please install a seperate server behind the ASUS router.

I know that the ipkg system is very easy to use, but you have to understand a little bit more of cpu and memory consumption;
and in addition LINUX organisation of swap and TCP connection rules and so on....

Just my to cents....

But now I see that it IS possible with Xmail. Am I right?

08-07-2006, 21:05
yes, except that most of the mail servers actually blacklist home ip adress ranges. So yes you can use xmail to receive, but to send, you will have to forward to another mail server, or see half of your mails rejected. That and the fact you will become a spam server in less than 10 days...
i suggest going to esmtp to simply send your mails through a smart host
BTW, I'm the one who has been compiling xmail for wl-hdd at first, and I'm not using it or any other system on the wl. It tells a lot ;-)

10-07-2006, 13:21
OK, thanks! Is there a tutorial for setting up Xmail?

21-12-2007, 22:25
Hello Mhz,

Did you get the mailserver working? I'm also looking for a mailserver on the Asus WL500g.

Thanks in advance,