Bekijk de volledige versie : afterburner in client mode

01-07-2006, 22:39
my config:
WL500g delux with Oleg's as 'main' router, internet connection, +USB HDD
BELKIN 7030 with dd-wrt in client bridge mode, serving the remote part of my home

question: both routers show 'afterburner' in wl cap, but the speed is shown as 54mbit and objectivly is not even that high (signal quality is ~50%).

Am I missing something? I read all the messages, but only found very dated ones (2004-2005) without final conclusions if it is generally possible or which settings have to be used.

any ideas?
thx, schufti

05-07-2006, 22:37
hmmm, i thought the afterburner activation has been discovered in this forum, so I expected at least some advice .... :(