Bekijk de volledige versie : Harddisk NAS

01-07-2006, 12:22
I am thinking to buy this router because the download master program.

Instead off the usb disk is it possible to download with a NAS disk, which i already have?

After that i have read articles off the download problem with the max 2 GB, is there a solution for that problem?


01-07-2006, 14:58
I don't know the answer on your question, but I will advise you to not buy this router. I bought it some days ago and I have had just trouble with it.
First of all I had trouble with getting Download Master to find my HDD (you probably saw my thread on that). When Download Master finally found my HDD I tried to download a bitTorrent-thing. And I can say that it is the worst BT-client in the world, it sets things in queue for no reason and the downloads can stand in queue for days (the last two days no downloads have started on my router, they just stand in queue). Download Master do not let you choose to download just some of the files in a BitTorrent-file. There are also some problems with resuming on downloads.

I also have big problems with port forwarding.

You have to restart the router for every little change, and when you restart the router the currently downloading(probably queued) files are cleared and you have to add them again. The system restarting message says it will take 20 secounds for the router to restart, but most of the times it takes several minutes.

Do not buy this router, at least wait for a unofficial firmware and download client who works.

25-12-2006, 06:23
opinions differ

I have the wl500gP and i am very happy with it
ok is is still nt working completely but it can do things i didn't know when i got the machien

so think well before you say yes or no

27-12-2006, 15:13
No I don't believe it's possible at present to utilize anything but a USB interface for Download Master. Maybe something they will add in a later firmware.

For the 2GB issue: It's all about the formatting/partitioning you do on the drive. FAT32 will not allow files greater than 2GB. Some folks have managed to get DM to work with some exotic partioning--->Part1 - FAT32 --->Part2 NTFS or EXT2,,,etc.

I partitioned my Iomega (yuck) USB 250GB drive with one EXT2 partition and have had no problems whatsoever. I can download via HTTP or FTP using DM from any PC in the house, the drive is seen (thru "Network Places") on every PC also. I haven't tried BitTorrent yet cuz I don't use it ever.

From reading this and other forums it seems like the key, other than formatting, is to have an external drive that has only one USB connector and it's own power supply.

I'm using Asus firmware btw,,,It may be that I'm just lucky:)