Bekijk de volledige versie : What version to use on wl500g Premium

30-06-2006, 16:42
I am a little confused here. From what I understand the versions provided with Oleg seems te be the best option here.
On his site I can see a lot of versions, but I do not see the version of the WL500g Premium.

My application: connect a USB-printer and a USB-disk to share on the internal network. The samba-options for USB-disk are realy to bad for words, with telnet access and the tips from other postings I hope to get the job done.


05-07-2006, 17:44
betas are here http://oleg.wl500g.info/gp/

11-08-2006, 12:06
Sorry, directory not found.

11-08-2006, 15:50
The firmware was move because some routers died while using the FW. You can find it here: http://oleg.wl500g.info/gp.old/

But please read this thread
before using the firmware and be aware of the risks!