Bekijk de volledige versie : why use alternative firmwares

29-06-2006, 18:11
I am a new user of this interestig device and I'd like to know why would someone use alternative firmwares? Like Oleg's for instance?
I've read his page but I still don't know what does it bring?

29-06-2006, 20:51
OK, Ive tested -pre4 and I see the difference ;)
but what happened to Download master support? It says it can't find the device... ???

29-06-2006, 20:58
but what happened to Download master support?

Oleg removed this stuff.

Its almost the same firmware like for wl-500gx.

29-06-2006, 21:01
why is that? that was one of the features I paid. that's downgrading, not upgrading.
It's true that everything else works better, but this is a good functionality...

Is there any other alternative firmware that is better then original and supports download master?


07-11-2006, 13:29
U can install (c)torrent. It works better than download master. Download master never worked for me by the way...