Bekijk de volledige versie : Connect the 700gE to anothe WLAN router

25-06-2006, 16:54
Hello, I have already a WLan router (with Voip etc...) now I want to integrate the 700 in my existing network. I read something about WDS but I cannot find any documentation on this. Can somebody give me a pointer on how to take care of this?

25-06-2006, 18:18
you have to check wheter your existing router is able to use WDS.

If your "old" router supports WDS you have to put your wl700 to "WDS-Mode only" in the wireless->bridge settings. ( i have a wl500gx, and donīt know if the wl700 webadmin tool is the same, so have a look at your device)
and add the mac of your old router to connect.
So your wl700 would act as additional (wlan-)router and is not establishing the internet connetion.
In the old router settings make it the other way round.

25-06-2006, 18:20
Oke thnx will try it.

29-09-2006, 00:15
The wireless->bridge settings is not available on the WL-700gE. Neither are the extended wireless settings. Seems like these options are missing... sure the specification of the device says it supports WDS but apparently there's no options available as of yet...??

Why have Asus released this product with such poor firmware?

29-09-2006, 11:18
I send a feedback form asking about WDS and this was the reply:

Well i have checked that WL-700gE doesn't support WDS. That is the reason why you can't find the option to enable it in the router's configuration page. So at the same time Can you do me a favor to help me get the information where you saw the advertisement which says it supports this function as you mentioned it was advertised? We don't expect to see it let more people misunderstood. And we will take action toward that problem. Thanks for your kind help!

And if you wanna set it as a bridge, maybe you can try wired connection. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Bugger. The reason I thought I'd seen it advertised was the 'Marketing Specifications' thread in Pics&Specs. Well I didn't get a straight answer about the wireless bridge so I'll ask again.