Bekijk de volledige versie : "Can't open socket" Problems with USB camera in wl-500g

25-06-2006, 14:26
Hello everybody!

Maybe someone have got the same problem and some idea's to resolve it.:rolleyes:

I've got Wl-500g with firmware (btw the same problems with weak wireless connection) and creative webcam camera plugged into lower usb port. Second camera from Logitech (old Quickcam) doesn't work.

So, on Creative everything looks fine except when i open the page with and i move cursor over the broadcasting picture or i try to push LMB, i request a information windows from router that: couldn't create socket. After it everything freeze and web browser give you a nice error :(

I don't have any idea how to fix it. Also, after upgrading router to new firmware, page with picture from camera looks like this: http://home.elbit.waw.pl/>drivers/phantasm/1.JPG

When i try to open page once again i only see black picture from camera.
Maybe you know how to change website projecting camera picture?

I tried with different preferences in router and i've got still the same error about creating socket. Please help because i only bought that shit to broadcast stream from camera :)

Preferences in router:
Enable Web Camera Access from WAN? LAN and WAN
Web Camera Mode: ActiveX and Refresh
Web Camera Driver: OV511 2.10
Image Size: 320 X 240
Sense Level: Medium
Refresh Time in seconds: 3
HTTP Port: 7776
ActiveX Port: 7777