Bekijk de volledige versie : Using Standard firmware and hdparm_6.1-1_mipsel.ipk

17-06-2006, 23:39
Hi i am using Olegs firmware and hdparm_6.1-1_mipsel.ipk
It works real good HDD stops after 10 min but I'm having trouble with attaching a usb key and accessing it through windows network neighborhood

If i was to have the standard firmware installed copy telnetd to the hard drive and use then type /tmp/harddisk/part1/tmp/telnetd -d -l /tmp/harddisk/part1/tmp/sh (copied from jockyw2001 Firmware) and start telnet

Would I then be able to install IPKG and then nano and then finally hdparm as described by jono wiki?

I had to get someone else to telnet over the Internet to setup samba so i would like to know if it could work before i mess everything up