Bekijk de volledige versie : [WL155] bluetooth / wlan function and led

27-06-2004, 03:34
Although this is a A620 forum, I think this question could also belong here

I recently bought a A716 and I can only say "a great macine for a good price"

The only annoyance is that bluetooth and wlan can not be switched on at the same time, the nlue light tells you that one of the two is switched on, but not which one

Anyone out there with a solution for that or is it just an internal hardware limitation ?

Adding a cf-wlan card solved the problem for a while , but not in the long run

27-06-2004, 13:53
afaik asus has done some tricks to speed this wlan/bluetooth thing up, and at last they made a WL155 that can indeed only do Bluetooth or WLAN at a time so this is a hardware limitation

the blue led is only for telling the WL155 is switched on, so you can not see if it's bluetooth or wireless is switched on.

but you can see this in the top bar, if there is a antenna thing present wlan is switched on.. if then bluetooth is switched on