Bekijk de volledige versie : Web server won't ping after installing firmware

14-06-2006, 22:21
I did my first firmware upgrade since i bought the router last year, I installed (WL500gx_1.9.6.0_EN.trx) yesterday. Now I can no longer connect to my web server which is connected by ethernet cable to the router. I restarted the router and adsl modem by hand as well. A ping to the lamp web server (I tried restarting it) times out. A ping to the other wireless laptop works fine.

Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot,


19-06-2006, 19:37
I solved the problem, it turns out that the server took my old ip address (, it used to be ( and I was using this rather than the computer name to get to it. I all of a sudden I am I don't have the ip addresses locked down anywhere, it's hard to see how a firmware update could affect it.

Cheers, Tom.