Bekijk de volledige versie : Questions about webserver and samba

23-06-2004, 14:43
I have bought an Asus Wl500g and use it since a little month and i have some question about the latest firmware CR2 [Oleg] and use of some some programs.

1)Does someone know how to specify a folder for web server on busybox_httpd ? I've try some options but i can't automaticaly use my web folder by default. I must use a specific link on my internet browser to acces it.

2) Does someone know how to launch automaticaly samba on the wl500g and how to specify an hostname for it we can see on windows network folder. I can acces my routeur by only use a link like \\\ after have manually launch samba.

Thanx for Oleg very good !! :)

ps: sorry if my english if very bad i'm a french people