Bekijk de volledige versie : multiple drives - how to mount

04-06-2006, 07:17

I have a usb stick and a usb hd connected through a usb hub. There is also a printer connected to the WL500gx, in the second usb port.

When something is written to the hd via ftp or samba, the led on the usb stick lights up as if I was writing to that. Speed is slow, looking more like the usb1 speed of the usb stick than usb2 hispeed of the hd and the hub.

The stick is mounted as /opt/
The hd is mounted as /opt/share/share1/mp3/

I have a vague theory that data is somehow "passing through" the usb stick causing this behaviour - is that what´s happening?

How/where should I mount the hd (if not using /tmp/harddisk) and if it should not be under /opt/?