Bekijk de volledige versie : I did something stupid, I think.

28-05-2006, 18:49
Had some problemmaking the samba work properly, never managed to connect to server / workgroup from windows client.

Followed another thread which sugested that the smb.conf file path had to be added to .files. and so I did. Then I also realised someting which was mentioned in the Post-boot file which said that (note: i followed the amcsat tutorial for ipkg package installation) :

# Run all active services - active means starts with S

given the rc.unslung as an example, in folder init.d

In this folder samba tutorial will add a file S97Samba, which I now have added into post-boot file. After reboot however, I could no longer find /opt and all files in /usr/local/sbin was gone, even the folder /sbin was gone.

The usb stick was earelier mounted on /opt but was now changed back to /tmp/harddisk which was the original name also according to macsat tutorial.

Wath the heck has happend? I kno i did a flashfs save/commit/enable after doing the changes mentioned, but now everything seems to be reset to pre install of ipkg.

Any help will do except for no help

vidar (Z)