Bekijk de volledige versie : Acer Utility problem

27-05-2006, 17:13

I have a Acer 3503WMLi and have had loads of problems with the utility software. I have oogled it loads and have seen that loads of people have had problems with this but cannot find a fix anywhere. I know you can bypass it with the windows default but my connection keeps going wired and screwing up it will show as being connected but I cannot access the net or access the router. I have found that if I disable my connection switch off my router then switch it all back on it warks most of the time or a staright reboot works but its real annoying. Any ideas????????

I am hoping that with the utility program it will make things a bit more stable. I have downloaded the utility for my wii card in the puter and it has helped but woundered if the Asus Utility ould make it that much better?

How cool is this icon though :eek: bad ass badger